Our Practice Offers the Following Services:

Comprehensive eye health examinations, including a refraction for glasses followed by a complete examination of the external and internal aspects of the eye, including neurologic evaluation, glaucoma assessment, intraocular pressure measurement and dilated examination of the retina. We do not fit or dispense contact lenses as part of our practice. We see patients after the age of 12.

Specialty Consultations for corneal and external eye diseases, including dry eye/ tear dysfunction syndromes, infections of the eye, contact lens complications, ocular side-effects of systemically used drugs, and allergy. We also see patients who are interested in starting Latisse therapy for eyelash enhancement.

Second Opinion Consultations for ongoing eye disorders previously evaluated by other ophthalmologists.

Low Vision Consultation, including both low vision examinations and rehabilitation with presentation of appropriate low-vision aids.

Follow-up examinations for ongoing medical conditions such as glaucoma, dry eye disorders and allergy.

Emergency services for acute eye problems such as eye injuries, infections, flashes and floaters, and loss of vision. We are available to patients of our practice for emergency consultations at night and on weekends when necessary.

Visual Field Testing (peripheral vision assessment) for monitoring glaucoma and other neurologic diseases.

Corneal Topography (corneal mapping) and Pachymetry (corneal thickness measurement) are special studies used to assess and treat glaucoma and disorders of the cornea.

Ocular Photography is used for documentation of lesions of the eyelids and external eye.