First Appointment

Welcome to our practice! We are committed to providing the highest level of eye health care in a setting that is responsive to your needs and concerns. Our new patients often find the following information useful:

  1. Our office has no dedicated parking. We do have street and lot parking in the area, and detailed information regarding parking locations and restrictions is available in the "Map and Directions" section of this website. You may need to give yourself extra time on your first visit to the office.
  2. We do not fit or dispense contact lenses in this office. We do work very closely with several outstanding contact lens-fitting optometrists in the area, and refer patients as necessary for their contact lens care. Dr. Gardner specializes in the medical complications of contact lens wear.
  3. If you wear contact lenses regularly, please wear them to our office and bring the supplies you use to remove and store them.
  4. Please bring your current eyeglasses and sunglasses to our office for your visit.
  5. Please mail (or bring) your completed New Patient Form, including the medical history sheet, to our office. This form is found in the "Patient Forms" section of this website. Make sure that you list your current medications on this form.
  6. Please allow adequate time for your appointment. The comprehensive new patient examination often requires 1 ┬Ż to 2 hours in our office.
  7. As part of the comprehensive eye health examination, your pupils will be dilated. This will last two to four hours, and may produce light sensitivity and blurring during that time. We provide dark wrap sunglasses at the end of your appointment, and strongly recommend that you arrange transportation for this visit or wait at least 30 minutes before you drive.
  8. Please provide us with the records of your previous ophthalmologist if you have recently been under treatment for any eye medical or surgical problem. You can have these records released to Dr. Gardner by filing out the Medical Records Request form under the "Patient Forms" section of this website. You may then fax this to your physician for release of your records to us.
  9. We ask that patients not wear perfumes, colognes or heavily scented aftershave lotions to their eye examination appointments- our doctor and staff have grown allergic to many of these products. We thank you!
  10. Please note that our office provides medical services on a fee-for-service basis only. For your convenience, we accept checks, cash, MasterCard and Visa. At the end of your appointment we will give you all of the necessary paperwork for you to bill your insurance provider. Your provider will reimburse you at the non-provider (out-of-network) rate allowed by your policy. In the case of Medicare patients, we have Medicare "Opt-Out" status, and unfortunately cannot bill or accept payment from Medicare for our services. For further information, please visit the "Financial Policy" and "Medicare Opt-Out" sections of this website.
  11. Please also note our cancellation policy for late cancellations and no-shows under the "Cancellation Policy" section of this website. The cancellation fee of $200 applies only to comprehensive eye examinations and consultation appointments, due to the substantial physician and office time allocated for these appointments.

Download the printer-friendly version of this First Appointment Information here.