Cancellation Policy

Our Practice dedicates at least 1 ½ hours to each patient’s comprehensive eye health examination. Because of the generous physician and staff resources that are made available for these appointments, it is necessary to require 24-hour cancellation notice from our patients so that the unused examination time can be filled with a patient from our waiting list. For Monday appointments, the appointment must be cancelled on the previous Friday at (or before) the time of the Monday appointment.

When a patient is a no-show for their comprehensive eye health exam appointment, or when there has been a late cancellation with less than 24-hours notice, there is a $200.00 charge for the unused physician and office resource time. While we deeply regret the necessity for these charges, it allows us to stay in practice to serve you on another day!

We make every effort to call our patients to confirm their appointments
, and appreciate your assistance in providing contact telephone numbers for this purpose. On occasion it is not possible for us to reach a patient to confirm an appointment, so it is finally the patient’s responsibility to note the appointment time and date and to keep their appointment.